Monte Pittman on 88.7 FM KISL

Monte Pittman
Monte Pittman

Monte Pittman will be on on 88.7 FM KISL (Catalina Island Radio) today @ 3.30pm (PST)! Monte is about to release his first solo album, but first he’s giving us a small taste of his songs by releasing an EP called “The Deepest Dark”! The EP has 5 songs “Where’s the Heaven’s drown”, “Rain is Falling”, “Cold”, “After the Last Wave” and “The Deepest Dark” and it will be available on iTunes in a few weeks!

Don’t forget to visit Monte’s myspace music profile and listen to his songs! Monte is also playing live tonight and tomorrow at the Catherine Hotel in Catalina, where you can buy the EP for only $5! Go and check him out!

Click here for LIVE streaming of KISL!

(after show P.S.: Another reason why Monte rocks: He named check us and Axe-Static_Process on the radio show! AWESOME!)


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