Watch the S&S Show from Buenos Aires!


Show starts at 8pm (GMT)/1pm(PST)



(link removed now that the show is over)

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One thought on “Watch the S&S Show from Buenos Aires!

  1. Iliana July 5, 2009 / 3:38 pm

    At some point there were over 6,000 people watching the show via that link! incredible!

    The DVD was good, the crowd shots that were missing from the Confessions DVD made a huge difference and you can feel the obsession from the fans!! I really loved the camera angles behind Brian Fraser Moore lifting above the stage, among some others!

    But I’m disappointed with the over-edited sound/vocals! Where was that scratching guitar sound from “Human Nature” that was tearing the ground and what on earth happened to Madonna’s vocals during “Borderline”??? “Like a Prayer” was almost ruined by the over polished vocals!

    Overall I think that this brilliant Madonna show was recorded nicely for the upcoming DVD/CD release (of course you’re gonna have to LIVE it to get the real Madonna show experience) but I will have to wait till December to see it again properly in full HD and surround sound. I just feel so bummed about the sound, I don’t know maybe I was waiting for something else! Anyway, I just can’t wait to get it on my hands!

    Just my thoughts…

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