Sticky & Sweet by Guy Oseary

Those of us who attended the Sticky & Sweet Tour last year must’ve surely seen Guy Oseary (Madonna’s manager) walking around the stage before and during the show with his camera! Guy had previously released the photographic book “Confessions“, covering Madonna’s previous “The Confessions Tour” and the fans loved it, so we are happy to see that Guy decided to release another book for this tour!

Sticky & Sweet Book by Guy Oseary

quote_startFollowing the phenomenal success of Madonna Confessions, Madonna and her long-time manager Oseary return with a dynamic document of the highest grossing tour of any solo artist ever – Sticky and Sweet. In over 500 full-colour photographs taken on and backstage during the course the historic 58-show tour, Oseary documents the four acts of the rock-driven pop journey. In an intense celebration of her phenomenal history, Madonna tips her hat to early-80s downtown NYC, Gypsy, La Isla Bonita and Fae Eastern influences in a magical homage.quote_end


Do not miss it!


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