Last gigs by DJ Enferno before the tour!

Sticky & Sweet Tour’s DJ Enferno will join Madonna this summer in Europe but before that he will make 2 final performances for all you clubbers out there!! First stop is on June 12th @ Level 2 Lux Lounge (Harrisburg, PA) where he will play a club set mix and the second stop is on June 13th @ Borgata (Atlantic City, NJ) where he’ll perform a Live Remix Project!

DJ Enferno

Enferno uses the following equipment for his LRP: 2 Technics 1200 Turntables, 1 Rane TTM57 Mixer, 1 Pioneer EFX-500, 1 M-Audio Axiom 25, 1 M-Audio Trigger Finger, 1 Macbook Pro running Serato Scratch Live 1.8, 1 Macbook Pro running Ableton Live 7.0, 1 MOTU Ultralite Mk3, 1 Access Virus Snow and Custom Case by Calzone Cases, Inc

If you are wondering what is the Live Remix Project check out Also – keep voting for Enferno as 2009 America’s Best DJ here! -IB


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