Dream duet: Adam Lambert and Madonna!

We have already declared our enthusiasm and devotion to IDOL’s most talented and breathtaking participant ever, otherwise known as Adam Lambert. We read that Adam would love to make a duet with no other than the Queen of Pop… Madonna! And now we love him even more!!! Check out the interview from OK! Magazine!

Imagine Adam and Madonna together! AXE-static!!!

quote_startIf you could have a dream duet with anyone, dead or alive, who would your dream duet be?
I really want to work with Madonna. It doesn’t seem like a likely pairing, maybe, but I just think that she is so creative and has such vision and her career has been so long because she has been able to come up with something new and keep people guessing and push people’s buttons. I like that she’s relevant, she’s always the next thing, she’s always introducing us to the next wave of pop. I just think it would be an honor to work with her.quote_end

source: OK! Magazine



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