Official Sticky & Sweet Tour videos!

Blackberry just released some exclusive content for its users 10 OFFICIAL Sticky & Sweet videos from Argentina!!! If you remember (and you should remember!) the upcoming DVD/CD release of the tour was recorded in Buenos Aires and this seems to be a great CANDY treat for us because we have to wait months before we get the DVD on our hands!

… lucky for us (who don’t have Blackberrys) there is always someone who will upload them on youtube! So hurry up before they remove them! (you can save them in .flv or .mp4 format @

Now available on youtube: Spanish Lesson, Vogue, Beat goes on, Music. I’m sure someone will upload the rest, but while you search for them, do not be confused with other “official” videos… If you pay attention to the angles you will be able to see which videos are official and which are not!


update: 4 minutes, Miles Away, La Isla Bonita.
Disclaimer: Axe-Static_Process is not the owner of those videos. We are just posting the links!


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