Adam Lambert Assault of Awesomeness Imminent!

the myth, the machine, the man himself
the myth, the machine, the man himself

Alright, people– GET PREPPED!

Our man Adam Lambert is set to strike again tonight on American Idol. All you non-pacific time zoners get the luck to watch this happen live at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. Mountain Time Zone, you are a complete mystery to me– I have no clue when you can watch the bomb of beauty that is Adam Lambert… but your mission is to WATCH and VOTE!

The three remaining IDOLs are singing multiple songs tonight– a song chosen for each of them by the judges, as well as a song of their own choosing. The rumor mill says that the judges’ choices for Adam are down to “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak or “One” by U2. I have chills already.

The fact is that Adam is going to, for the millionth straight week, KILL IT– and he needs your votes. Watch IDOL to learn what phone numbers you can call to vote for Adam– we all know he is the best, but the other two contestants clearly have an arsenal of voters going crazy for them, or else we wouldn’t have lost the awesomely talented Allison Iraheta last week! This is a CALL TO ARMS!

Stay tuned for ASP’s take on tonights performances (sadly way late, since over here on the West Coast, we have to watch the show tape delayed!)…. and don’t worry, I’ve vowed to vote on TWO phone lines so that Iliana can vote in spirit!!! Axe-Static-ly!

-miss fitz


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