IDOL Update: Rock Rules!

Quick update– down the the final four on IDOL. Two total rockers : Adam and Allison! Two soft-rockers: Kris and Danny. All you need to know, dear reader, is that Adam and Allison did a duet and killed! Sure, Adam killed on his own, of course (singing “Whole Lotta Love”)– but the two of them together was almost more rock than I could handle! Even though they were singing Foghat!

the Rock O-Face!
the Rock O-Face!

We are truly into the nail-biting territory, though; tomorrow night, another IDOL hopeful goes home. As long as its not Adam or Allison, I’m happy.

In other happy AXE news, I spotted Rafael Moreira in the IDOL house band tonight– I’d recognize his red Bogner amps anywhere. If you have never seen Rafael rip it up on guitar, you owe it to yourself to CHECK IT OUT. This guy is amazing.

Rafael, on the set of Rock Star Supernova!
Rafael, on the set of Rock Star Supernova!

Now you’ve got one more amazing AxeStatic reason to watch IDOL for the rest of the season while we’re waiting for Monte’s return to the sticky, sweet stage…

-miss fitz


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