When Orange amps are not… orange!

As we all know, when Madonna puts out a show it must be perfect from every aspect – the direction of the stage, the song list, the choreographies, the costumes and even the music gear! So when Monte Pittman was packing his Les Pauls for the “Hung Up Promo Tour”, he also ordered 4 custom made Orange amps (plus 2 for Madonna) in a fantastic sparkly pink tolex to match the disco vibe of Madonna’s album “Confessions on a dance floor”! See it in action!

Orange amp (Confessions Promo)
Pink Orange for "Hung Up Promo Tour"

But it was a whole other story when the “Confessions Tour” kicked off in Los Angeles on May of 2006! The “Orange” amps were dressed in white tolex! In addition to that, Marcus Brown’s keyboards were white, Steve Sidelnyk’s DW drums were white too and Monte Pittman loved New York in a white Gibson Les Paul custom! Check it out!

Orange Amps for Confessions Tour
White Oranges for the Confessions Tour

So with all these not only amazing but also gorgeous looking amps waiting to be plugged in, you’d think that Madonna wouldn’t go for something more  for her latest tour!  Although she and Monte used their sparkly pink Oranges at the “Hard Candy Promo Tour”, they got some new old-school black Oranges for the “Sticky & Sweet Tour”!

Sticky & Sweet Tour Gear
Black Oranges for the "Sticky & Sweet Tour"

If you haven’t tried an Orange amp yet, then you should definitely pay a visit to your local guitar store and check them out! They are expensive, but a test drive is free and always fun :)

Which Orange amp tolex do you like the most?? – IB


2 thoughts on “When Orange amps are not… orange!

  1. Miss Fitz April 10, 2009 / 4:53 pm

    Oh, Iliana… like you have to ask. :)

    I will say that I was pretty sure for S&S they’d be wrapped like Starlite Mints (thank god they weren’t!)… I’d like to send a special thank you to Monte and Madonna, without whom Orange would never have decided to release a consumer version (albeit limited edition) of the white tolexed Oranges (obviously my fave)…

    My guy at the guitar store has my order in hand… can’t wait to get my little Rockerverb! RAWK!

  2. Iliana May 5, 2009 / 1:06 am

    I think I love them all, although it was the white ones that drew my attention! :)

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