Adam Lambert + Mad World = Chills!

Adam, bathed in blue...
Adam, bathed in blue...

Clearly I have a picked a horse in this race, and I’m not above talking him up week after week. Can anyone say that any other American Idol contestant besides Adam Lambert did anything remotely memorable this week? With a theme that gave contestants a really cool chance to make a statement (pick a song from the year you were born!), only Lambert stood out… Sadly, he was the last to perform, and with the show already running over, the judges were unable to give him any feedback except — a standing ovation led by none other than Simon Cowell!

My prediction? The ghostly, haunting rendition of Gary Jules’ version of “Mad World” by Tears for Fears guarantees he stays another week. I’m off to vote a few million times– I hear if you out-vote Monte, he makes you a margarita… !!!

-miss fitz

FOX photo

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