GEAR-gasm :: DJ Enferno’s New Rig/Tour Update!

Calling all gearheads: the one and only DJ Enferno has posted a new entry on his page detailing his new Live Remix Project Rig. You may have previously read here on Axe-Static_Process that Enferno added an Access Virus Snow (familiar to fans of Stuart Price, no doubt!) to his LRP rig… the verdict? HE LOVES IT!

MBP, Virus, Axiom
MBP, Virus, Axiom

Click here to read the full post from DJ Enferno’s official site.

Did you guys know Enferno is on tour? Wanna see if he is coming to your town? Tour dates here, sadly he is not coming to Portland, Oregon OR Larisa, Greece… however, we’re still glad to see him keeping busy in the clubs until the next leg of Sticky & Sweet!


photo courtesy of DJ Enferno

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