Brian Frasier-Moore’s Drum Set!

As you should have already learned, the Axe-Static_Process girls never stop searching the internet for the tiny tinest detail concerning Madonna’s Tour Gear! And today we hit a jack pot! The Sticky & Sweet Tour drummer, Brian Frasier-Moore, is a proud Sabian Drums Endorser and Sabian‘s official site has a very detailed diagram of Brian’s drum set. Through a fantastic Set-Up builder, it gives you the opportunity to play around with the drums & cymbals! You can also play various artist’s setups, or even make your very own drum set by picking your weapons of choice! To see details of Brian’s set, visit our Sticky & Sweet Tour Page!

SABIAN Drums Diagram
Click on the image to play the drums!

In general Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 news, Saragosa is almost confirmed to be the 3rd Spanish show and the rumoured show day is on July 25th! An announcement is expected in the next days at



2 thoughts on “Brian Frasier-Moore’s Drum Set!

  1. rusty phillips June 21, 2009 / 6:10 am

    Dear Mr.Frazier My son met you at ceaderbrook middle school in Cheltenham last year in the music class.He told me that you and the music teacher were friends.I have playied for different recordings artists out of the city, back in the day SisterSledge/Eddie Holman/The Flamingos/ThePlatters and many other local groups.My question is what is a licquid ride cymbal..RUSTY

  2. learn to drum October 17, 2010 / 7:26 am

    Hope you don’t mind me drifting off topic, however what sort of drum set do you play?

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